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Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin party

we had a great time at the pumpkin party. as the girls' friends nora and iris were leaving, maggie said, "thank you for halloween!" which was extra cute because nora and iris didn't host the party, they were just guests. but maggie did thank mrs. moss for halloween, and it was adorable.

we walked there too! acutally, nick pushed maggie in the jogging stroller and nina and i walked. it's about 1.4 miles each way, and she did the whole trip there and almost the whole way back. it didn't make her tired enough to stop jumping around for even a minute, we are so blessed to have such a high-energy child (sigh...)

speaking of blessed, our sunday school craft was to make prayer books. there was a space to write down your worries, ("this is a worry i have," it says. "please help me feel better." aww!) this is what nina wrote, entirely on her own (not any spelling help at all):
"going into mi rom by miself and the bouilr (boiler)"
maggie dictated "a monster," "a bug," "a dark face," and "a bee." the dark face thing is because there was a picture of a musician named rob zombie on the cover of Go magazine, and he had his face all painted up scary (for halloween? or is it like that all the time?). anyway, no one had noticed it, but maggie did and she got really scared. poor maggie! she's at an age where fears are really developing, though she's been afraid of bugs for a long time (remember the bronx zoo episode, when she freaked out at the cockroach exhibit? that was so sad! and of course more recently, with the giant halloween decoration spider at the apple orchard).

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