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Saturday, October 16, 2010

what the heck, one more post today

when it rains, it pours, eh? speaking of which, boy did we get some rain yesterday! a regular old nor'easter. lots and lots of wind, sheets of rain... it was a good thing nina stayed home because nick and i weren't interested in going out in that!

we went out for dinner tonight, and the girls were fantastic. were the stars just aligned properly, or are they old enough to start doing dinner out again? i think it might be the latter, because maggie was really the one holding us back, and she sat so patiently. hopefully jenny's wedding will go so smoothly too. if it does, we might really get to enjoy our dinner and have a good time!

earlier today, nina had done something wonderful or sweet for maggie (how awful that i can't remember, but she's such a good, patient big sister that this stuff is just the norm. even when maggie is grabbing toys from her, or shrieking for no apparent reason, or trying to pull me away from nina so she can have me to herself, nina is so patient. she may cry or get upset when it's really bad, but never once has she laid a hand on maggie (maggie sometimes hits or pushes too). such a little angel). anyway, i had said "oh nina, you're such a good sister to maggie, she's so lucky to have you," and nina responded, "yes, and fashionable too!" it was so cute! she was wearing a cute, short blue corduroy dress with striped knee socks, and she did look very fashionable. but it always sounds cuter coming from a 5 year old!

while we were at china by the sea tonight, maggie had to go to the bathroom (twice). on the way the first time, she noticed the lights over the tables, which to her looked a bit like pumpkins. "oh!" she said, "halloween lights!!"

whew, tomorrow's another busy day so bed time for me!

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