about a dream: dance school this morning

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dance school this morning

hopefully it will go better than last week! last week they all acted like a bunch of 2 year olds! well, today is the make or break day for maggie. if she'll be able to participate in the class, i'll re-register her. otherwise maybe i'll try again in january or next year. she's still pretty little!

maggie by the way is becoming a bottle addict. it was clear that she wasn't going to give up nursing without about a year of struggles and crying, so i'm switching tactics and giving her a bottle. so far she's very happy with it. she mostly likes carrying it around and chewing on it, but she's also slowly drinking. whatever makes her happy and gives me a break!

nina is our course off at school this morning. getting her out of bed in the morning is getting tougher, i'm going to try making bedtime earlier again. i had thought she would be falling asleep by 7:30, but she was lying awake in bed for half an hour, so bedtime has been 8. she was asleep before 8 last night, though, so maybe now the new school schedule is beginning to set in and the earlier bedtime will work. if only i could get maggie to bed before 9:30, then maybe i'd have time to write in the blog at night like i used to!

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