about a dream: today we built a scarecrow

Sunday, October 3, 2010

today we built a scarecrow

there was a build-a-scarecrow event at the botanical gardens today, so the girls and i, with some help from grandma and grandpa, build a very lovely, very fashionable, scarecrow. i didn't take a picture yet (i forgot the camera!), but she's wearing a pink turtleneck, a lavender skirt and wrap, red lipstick, and a pink baseball cap. her face kind of reminds me of whatever happened to baby jane (i was responsible for the eyelashes, nina did the blush), and the effect is as freaky as it sounds. maggie thinks she's scary, so we might have to take her down. ha, i'm building up the drama aren't i! well, i'll try to take a picture tomorrow, then you all can see.

i decided to put her up in the front yard (the grass island in our circular driveway), so that we could see her from inside the house too. turns out it's kind of creepy to see her out there, whatever-happened-to-baby-jane eyes staring at me while i'm at the kitchen sink. perhaps i'll move her...

the girls had fun anyway. maggie actually started painting the face, and with no instruction from me (beyond, "start painting her a face maggie") she painted 2 eyes and a mouth, in the proper places. i knew she was drawing faces, but i was still surprised to see her paint one. she's growing up so much!

we also started sunday school (i'm the pre-K to first grade teacher, and today my students were nina and maggie. we might get another kid once in a while though). the girls really like the new curriculum, it's very pre-K-ish. it starts with circle time on our little carpet area, moves over to our craft table, gets the kids up and moving with a secular "jump like a kangaroo" kind of game, back over to circle time (maggie loves circle time), and back to the craft table.

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Oma said...

I'd love to see a picture of that scary scarecrow!