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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Water bottle rockets

Today one of my now fellow teachers (and former teacher of my own) and I taught a little session on water bottle rockets for a dozen kids aged 2 to 10. Boy did we have a blast! Nina and Maggie made their own rockets from 2 liter soda bottles, part filled them with water, and then launched them from our little rocket launcher apparatus.

It was pouring at 6 am, but just foggy at 9, so Chip and I decided what the heck, let's just hope the rain stays away and proceed as scheduled. It did rain a tiny bit during our first round of launches, but water bottle rockets aren't the driest things ever, so it didn't really matter.

After that, Maggie had a friend over for a playdate and Nina went over to a different friend's. Let's just say they've been needing a little space from each other. On a totally related note, I'm planning a lovely, week-long, solo vacation. So if things get even quieter around here, you'll know why.

Then another round of thundershowers came through this evening, which reduces poor Moxie to a shaking, drooling, panting mess. To calm him, the girls and I took the dogs down to the basement, where it turns out you can't here any thunder. And then we played Katy Perry at top volume, which isn't very relaxing, so we switched over to some classical. Now he's chilled out and relaxing on the cool basement floor, happy as a clam. Marley never really cared about the thunder, but he's also conked out, happy to be in the nice cool basement.

What exciting lives we lead!

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