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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Squirrel Island

Today the girls and I took Philip to the beach on Squirrel Island. What a perfect day! One of my friends, Kelly, owns the boat company that runs out to Squirrel, and she gave all of us Boothbay moms half-price tickets so we could have a beach day there. The Novelty left pier 8 at 9 am (we barely made it! We've been staying up so late, getting up early was painful!). Here we are:

The girls with Philip. We're really going to miss Philip!
Just behind the three of them you can see the float that we walked out to. My was the water cold! It burned at first and made one's joints feel all achey, but after that, it just felt cold. So I got used to it faster than I thought I would. I wouldn't have swam out to the float, but it was only waist deep, so the three of us girls spent some time there. Our landlubber visitor was not thrilled with the cold water and didn't go in any deeper than his ankles.

My big little beach lover

Maggie was being a goofball. For the most part she wouldn't even open her eyes for the camera.

Us girls! (With Maggie's eyes closed)
After we got back to the harbor, Philip treated us all to some ice cream, and then we cooled off again in mom and dad's pool. Such an amazing summer we've had so far!

Philip leaves tomorrow, Maggie tried to convince him to stay until Christmas, but Philip didn't think that could work. We're sure going to miss him!

Update: Got some dresses in the mail that we ordered the other day. The size 10 fits Nina perfectly. So if you're thinking of getting Nina any clothes for her birthday, it'll have to be in a 10. She's so big!!

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