about a dream: How the summer doth fly!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How the summer doth fly!

It's Saturday? What's happening??!! Summer is going too fast!

On Wednesday, our friends Paul and Sarah visited. The girls were nervous about spending the day with three little boys, aged 2, 4, and 6. They just didn't forsee it going well. But it was great! The oldest boy was an absolute doll, the littlest a real cutie, and the middle one... well, he was both a middle child and a 4 year old. But 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

On Thursday we had our first quiet day since Vanessa and the boys arrived on June 27. It was continuous people and traveling from then until Thursday! Busy busy! So on Thursday, I'm not even sure what happened... I think we relaxed and swam in the pool. Probably some trampoline jumping.

Friday Emery and Heather came over, more swimming and some bottle rocket launching. Great fun!

Then today the girls and I went kayaking, Marley took off on a great adventure, he came home all by himself, and we swam in the pool. Excellent times!

No plans yet for tomorrow, I think more lounging for sure though. The weather has been just perfect, the pool's been over 80 for weeks now, and the sun's been shining.

I have to go now, Nina's arranging a wedding between the vacuum and the hoover floor mate. She's having trouble getting the vacuum to hold her bouquet, I might be needed....

UPDATE: The Bissel and the Hoover Floormate tied the knot! It was a beautiful wedding, with the dust mop serving as the bridesmaid, the swiffer as best man, a can of carpet cleaner as ring bearer, and Nina as the officiant. Touching.

Here's the happy couple:
Vaculetta, the blushing bride, and Hoove, the handsome groom.

Do you, Vaculetta, take Hoove to be your cleaning item?

You can see a video HERE

I've gotta go join the reception now, man is it a kickin' party!


Oma said...

The wedding was beautiful!!!

Vanessa said...

Very cute!