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Thursday, June 18, 2009

we are in damn good shape, packing-wise. hooray!!

(just a quick note as there's still a little bit to do, but it'll all be done by the time erik gets here. his flight is delayed an hour, so he'll be here 11:30-ish).

nina's graduation on wednesday was adorable, i will post up videos and pictures later. then today a bunch of us went over to an indoor playground so the kids could have some fun (it poured all day), and that was a great time too. jack tried to plant a goodbye kiss on nina but she pulled the old duck and turn. it was hysterical. and maggie spent a half an hour on the trampoline. we got into a tickle fight on it, and she tried to tickle ethan and mrs. weng. she moves her little fingers and says "di-ckle di-ckle!!" it's too cute!!

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