about a dream: packing, slowly but surely

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

packing, slowly but surely

we're doing a little bit every night. we're working on the little odds and ends first, which is good. usually we do the big things first and all those little odds and ends end up taking ten times longer than we think they're going to take. not this time! we're doing little bits every evening. the shoes yesterday, fragile things today... my goal by monday is to have only toys, clothing and a few plates and cups left. the kitchen will essentially be closed. we'll see how this goes.

the girls enjoy packing. maggie's hobby happens to be putting things into other things. usually she likes to drop things in the hampers (crayons are a fun one, fortunately i've gotten them all out before they go through the laundry). dropping things into boxes is a big hit. nina likes it too, especially if she can toss stuff in. as long as she's having fun, right?

someone is interested in the table! if we sell that our only big item left to unload is the TV. excellent!!

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