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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

maggie's word count

poor maggie, i'm always writing about the cute things that nina says but i've neglected to comment on what she's saying! i don't have an exact list like i did with nina, but here are the ones i can come up with:

nan nan (nina)
nana (nurse)
pah (plane. she says the same word for helicopter too, but i'm letting that go.)
ba-buh (belly button)
ba-ba (baby. you need the context to tell these too apart)
bah (ball)
nah-nah (no no, she says this as she wags her little finger. which, by the way, is not googly. while our nina seems to have inherited nick's googly finger, maggie has my beautifully straight digits. she also seems to have my flared left rib, but we'll see how bad it is when she thins out. perhaps she's got some of my bone structure after all, under those delicious chubs! but i digress...)
baaa (like a sheep says)
once she said wa-wa when she wanted water
she's said chester before
she's tried to say grandma and grandpa before
she said anna on sunday, after anna had been here for 2 days. but it was after anna had left of course, so she didn't get to hear it. it was clear as a bell though!
of course there was that one time she said "not bad"
gum. she was pointed to parts of my face (she knows nose, eyes, mouth), and i said "show me teeth" and she touched (stabbed) my gums and said gum. i was like, ooooooook. it was another one of those plain as day words.

that's all i can think of right now. it's actually more words than i thought she had. she doesn't use them as often as nina did, but that makes sense. she's much more concerned with playing with nina than she is with talking to me.

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