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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

allow me to walk you through our mornings...

maggie is almost always the first to wake up in the morning here at the Halter household. i wake up next, because i sleep with maggie and she hits me in the face, makes noise, or just squirms around until i wake up. i try to get her to go back to sleep so i can doze for a few more minutes, but it almost never works. so i slowly drag myself out of bed. well, our little maggie has figured out that nina and papa are still sleeping in nina's room (you know, of course. don't all papa's flee their beds for more space when their nursing one-year-olds get into their bed in the middle of the night? no? oh, hmm, well, lucky us then!). she also, apparently, thinks they're a lot more fun than just boring old mom. so every morning now she pushes the door open and yells at them. i can't stop her! if i try, she just screams from the living room, which wakes them up anyway. there is no distracting her. this morning, she started pulling the covers off of nick when he didn't get right out of bed. it really is hilarious.

we all slept in a bit this morning though because we were up in the middle of the night with the loudest thunder i've ever heard. it was as loud as when the lightning hit the tree at mom and dad's house. explosions of thunder. did you ever see war of the worlds (tom cruise version)?? it was like that. car alarms were going off with every clap (i can't even call them claps. they were explosions.) nick and i knew it was a doozy headed our way when we could see the lightning light up our room but not yet hear the thunder. you know when you see the lightning so bright before you can hear any thunder that it's bad. so, we were worried that nina might really freak out but thank god she didn't! i guess she's not afraid of thunder any more. she put her hands over her ears and tried to fall back asleep. she was more annoyed about the thunder than anything else. little maggie was a bit spooked though. i was holding her in the living room because i wanted to watch the lightning, but the first flash made her startle, so i took her back to bed.

on another note, nina thinks that comic books are called conic books. it's so funny.

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