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Monday, May 11, 2009

poor neglected blog

sorry oma, life is getting a bit hectic. maggie went through a spell a week or two ago of not falling asleep--or, i should say, staying asleep, because she'd fall asleep just fine at 7;15, but she'd wake up by 8 and be up til 10. nick is reading over my shoulder and noting that it was not actually that long of a stretch, which is true. but it really messed up our routine. the girls were in bed late tonight too, because nina took a nap from 11:30 to 12:30 today (she was late to school). she woke up from her nap and ate a grilled cheese sandwich, half a peanut butter and nutella sandwich, and drank a big glass of lemonade. wow! she's probably growing again. maggie was just a maniac, i don't know why she didn't fall asleep tonight.

then, we had grandma visiting, which should have freed up some blogging time for me, but it's more fun to chat with mom, so it didn't. i think i fell asleep at 8:30 at least twice while she was here, which is actually not typical of me. when everyone's finally asleep, we've all been sleeping pretty well, so i'm not sure why i'm so tired lately. maybe it's the year catching up with me. or maybe it's the warm weather, being out at the playground, running after maggie all day... whatever it is, i'm beat!

then on thursday night dad came (he'd been at erik's doing heating work at the house), and on friday vanessa came. we had a blast--saw the grandparents on friday, went to ellis island and the statue of liberty on saturday, and were out on long island at my aunt maria's on sunday. busy busy! i will post statue of liberty pictures tonight too. then i'm going to bed!

i am going to try to get back to writing at least every other night, but i don't know if i will... the move is starting to loom large, and there's lots to do. but i will try!

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Oma said...

That's OK ... you've made up for it already with your new postings!