about a dream: maggie climbed a stair!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

maggie climbed a stair!

that's right, little maggie, just over a week before her first birthday, ascended her first stair. it was the first step onto the jungle gym in the playground, only about a 4 inch rise. and how did she ascend the stair, you ask? surely a babe of her tender age crawled up on all 4s? oh no, not our margarete. she confidently strode up to the gym, grabbed the handrail, and stepped up like a big kid. she was trying to go up the second, much higher stair (at least 8 inches, or whatever a standard stair rise is) but i had already seen her from the other side of the gym set and started running over. i swooped her up to safety before she could continue. later i let her climb the bigger steps while holding my hands.

what the heck!! she's 11 months old for crying out loud!

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