about a dream: ellis island and statue of liberty!

Monday, May 11, 2009

ellis island and statue of liberty!

the first one here is a view of southern manhattan from ellis island. it was a bit hazy on saturday, which was nice for us because there was no hot sun to deal with. the temperature was also perfect--high 60s with a nice ocean breeze.

me and nick on ellis island with the statue of liberty in the background.

me and vanessa

everyone except me, who was taking the picture, on statue of liberty island (what's it called??)

and here is lady liverty herself (that's how nina was saying it. see, you knew there'd had to be some nina/maggie cuteness in here somewhere!)


Leigh said...

I think it's called "Liberty Island" in fact! :)

Oma said...

Aww, that's so cute of you and Vanessa! You're obviously practicing your forthcoming role as Tante Desiree!

Is it my imagination, or has Vanessa's face filled out a bit? Wouldn't be surprised!

I see poor Maggie got kicked out of her stroller ... (Looks like Nina had something important to write and had to sit down to do it!)

Vanessa said...

Yes, Ann, it probably has, along with other parts of me-- I've gained 10 pounds so far! (15 weeks along today) It is going really well though.

nick and des said...

man, my driver's license picture is from july 2005, about 2 weeks before nina was born. my face was VERY full (i like that word). interestingly though, i don't think it happened so much with maggie.... hm.