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Saturday, May 23, 2009

i have been trying to put up some videos, but our router (we suspect that's the source of our internet problem anyway) is not letting me. ooooh well, i'll keep trying anyway.

just had a wonderful visit with uncle erik, aunt isabelle and the star of the show chester. oh how the girls love that mangy little mutt! yesterday we just hung out at the house and fought over whether the air conditioner should be on (erik's pick) or off (nick's preference). merriment had by all and vanessa joined us by telephone. good times!

today we went to howard beach. poor grandma and grandpa were thinking that erik and isabelle were making a point to come visit so that they could share some exciting news. way to disappoint the grandparents kids! no, it's ok, no pressure...

then we went to aunt april and uncle thomas' house. they weren't there, but peter, veronica, and maria were. the girls swam and then erik and isabelle went over to cony island. we stayed at the cousin's house for a few more hours, got some italian ices at ragtime, and then all met up in astoria.

that was our whirlwind weekend!


Oma said...

Awww, Chester's not mangy! Maybe a mutt, but not mangy!

nick and des said...

hehe, i dunno oma... aren't all mutts mangy, by definition?

actually, you're right, i should call him the lymey mutt. he has lyme disease! but it's ok, erik said most dogs do, and he just takes a pill for it. poor little chester.