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Saturday, February 14, 2009

so begin the days of word world.

i am no longer whyatt or super why. i do not have to call maggie alpha pig or nina princess pea. nick is not wonder red. no, we have entered a new day here at 12 B. we are now in the days of word world.

i am now sheep. nina is frog, nick is duck, and maggie is dog. poor maggie, pig and dog are the least flattering names. i don't think nina's trying to insult maggie, but it's interesting to look back over nina's phases, and deconstruct who in our family has played each character.

the muppet show was her first favorite. i was kermit, nick was fozzy, nina was miss piggy, and maggie was scooter. kermit, you know, he runs the show. he's directing everything back stage, doing the introductions, interviewing the guest stars. he's the frog in charge. so, i'm pretty flattered that i got to be kermit. nina was miss piggy, who's in love with kermit, and also the biggest player girl muppet, so that was a natural choice for nina. i'm not sure what to make of maggie being scooter. scooter is a bit on the slow side, but maggie was only 2 months old at the time, so it's not totally unfair. scooter was definitely one of the youngest on the cast. and then, there was fozzy. a good guy, but definitely something of a flake. not flattering to nick, but i think it'd be worse to be gonzo.

then came the days of super why. i was whyatt/super why, the leader of the group with the power to read (you see where this is going, don't you...). nina was princess pea/princess presto, the dainty and beautiful princess with the power to spell. maggie was little pig/alpha pig, the youngest and smallest of the group, with the most basic power, alphabet power. and nick was red riding hood/wonder red, with word power. nick thought he was doing better this time, and he was, except wonder red is still a little girl on roller skates. she's not super why.

now, word world. i am sheep. she is the most together of the animals again, always spelling words and explaining things to the rest. she's a little self-absorbed, though. the only other female option is bear, but bear is not a leader. she's famous for being afraid of the dark.

nina is frog. frog is cool. he lives in a log. his best friend is duck.

nick is duck. the thing about duck is that he's not very bright. he's the one that moves the plot along by messing things up. he's also somewhat uncouth. there was this one episode where he accidentally insults his friend shark. he just doesn't think about what he says sometimes. poor nick is not flattered to be duck. he could be ant or pig, but he's not. but like i said, duck and frog are especially close, so that's nice.

maggie is dog. she's faring worse than nick in this one, because dog doesn't even talk. while the rest of the animals act like people, dog just acts like a dog.

wow, can you believe i've written all this about our assigned characters? sad. nick's been in the shower, we're about to start a movie, and it was either this or read the bachelor message boards on sadder. besides, i couldn't resist exploring this little window into nina's fascinating mind. :-)

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