about a dream: i want you to have a sofa

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i want you to have a sofa

nina is coloring in her notebook next to me on the couch. she's using markers, and pushing them down onto the couch cushions to get the caps to snap back on. one has to push pretty hard, because these markers are awfully hard to recap. you'd think they'd make them easier for the kids.
nina was pushing one marker down into the couch cushion even after the cap had snapped back on, so i told her to stop before she made a hole in the cushion. she got that devilish look on her face and kept pushing it, telling me that the cap hadn't snapped on yet. the conversation went something like this:

me: "yes it has, look. the cap's on"
nina: "i want it to snap more."
me: "that's not going to happen. it doesn't get more snapped. are you trying to make a hole in the couch? i don't want you to ruin my couch."
nina: "i want you to have a sofa."
me: "i do have a sofa. this is a sofa."
nina: "no, i want you to have a sofa, with a thing that comes out."
me: "you mean, you want me to have a sofa with a bed in it?"
nina: "yeah."
me: "how did you know it's a sofa when there's a bed in it, but a couch when it doesn't have a bed?"
nina: "i don't know, i just knew that."

i asked her why she wanted a sofa, she said she just does. she said we could have a couch AND a sofa if i want.

where does she get this stuff!??!

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Vanessa said...

I never thought about that- it's called a "sofa bed," or a "sleeper sofa" you never say a couch bed! Isn't she perceptive!