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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


nina really only watches cartoons on PBS (so elitist of us. but afternoon and saturday morning cartoons on the regular networks are pretty much a thing of the past, and we don't have cable, so PBS is all there is). even though they don't show commercials, they do advertise their own programming in between shows. they also advertise the show coming up next. this has been confusing and sometimes disappointing to nina, because she's thought the show being advertised was actually coming up next. poor nina. now she understands, though, that sometimes when PBS shows a clip of a show, it's not really coming up, it's just an ad.

ok, so sometimes if she has a poop coming she'll start farting a lot. which is still kind of cute because she's so cute, but less so as she gets older. finally after a few stinky farts one day, i told nina that if she had to poop, to please go to the potty. she said she didn't have to, the fart was just an ad.

now, sometimes after she farts, she'll say "that was just an ad."


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Oma said...

Opa used to blame it on the cat, saying, "Kitty!" .... (still does to this day, as a matter of fact!)