about a dream: on tuesday we went to the transit museum

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

on tuesday we went to the transit museum

nina has no school this week, so we're trying to entertain ourselves. so far, that has involved a lot of playing with ethan (meron) and yesterday, a trip to the transit museum in brooklyn.

we went with cindy manzi and her boys, michael (5 1/2) and max (turned 4 last week. he's in the same pre-school as nina but he's in the morning class). it was quite the adventure but a lot of fun.

we took the subway. it's just wrong to drive to the transit museum! haha. it was an easy commute--took the n/w (but it's not the n/w anymore... i think it's either the w/q or the n/q. they replaced either the n or the w with the q). anyway, that was half the fun for the kids.

the museum has two levels--the higher one is one floor below street level, and the lower level is two below. the lower level is actually an out of use subway station, so you get to go down the stairs into the station, and on the tracks are all of the old subway cars. very cool! they even had the wooden ones from the early 1900s. mom says she remembers the seats that look like they've got woven, basket-type covers. those were there too!

the upper level had city buses the kids could pretend to drive, subway turnstiles to walk through, ticket booths, and all kinds of educational stuff that we pretty much skipped over. how could we stop to read when there were BUSES to drive!

it was great. we went to mcdonalds afterwards, then back to the manzi house to play. max insisted on holding nina's hand while we were walking, and she let him. he's a cutie. maggie enjoyed herself too and did a pretty impressive job keeping up with the big kids.

i took some pics on the camera that i'll try to upload tonight.

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