about a dream: the sky is blue

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the sky is blue

nina, maggie, and i walked to and from the dr's office on friday afternoon. it was cool and clear, and maggie was sleeping. the sky was totally clear, and i pointed it out to nina.

me: look at the sky, isn't it beautiful?
nina: can it come off?
me: no, it just goes up and up forever. if you went up, you could just keep going and going.
nina: i couldn't come down?
me: no, you could come down too.
nina: maybe the wind could blow me down.
me: maybe.
me: isn't it such a pretty blue?
nina: who colored it?
me: (pause) just the light colors it blue.
nina: look a doggie!!

i love conversations with nina.

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