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Friday, October 17, 2008


One of the great things about having kids is watching them grow up, seeing them develop and noticing the traits they get from their parents. The one big thing that Nina and I have in common, other than our beauty, is that we both love food very, very much. And our metabolism is insanely fast. The girl is a stick despite eating far more than any other child we know. Our days are structured around food. Sometimes she will want to eat leftover Chinese food at 10 in the morning. What kind of kid does that? We had to give her snacks to take to preschool when she first started going because she was getting hungry. All they get is a small snack and they're there for 3 hours. That's not going to cut it! One of the teachers asked Desiree concerned: "Well, what has she had to eat today?" "Let's see, a bowl of cereal, a slice of cinnamon toast, a banana, a yoghurt, a bowl of Wonton soup, three figs and a half of a PB & J sandwich." This was at 12:30. Most kids don't eat that much food in 2 days.
But anyway, we eat. She gets very excited about food. We shop at Costco a lot where they often have free samples. Not often enough though. One late afternoon there were none. She would point at the workers unpacking boxes and stocking shelves and ask if they had free samples. For Halloween she is going to be a Costco lady handing out samples. She got all dressed up one day in a princess outfit she had gotten for her birthday, gloves, shoes, veil and went around the rest of the day handing out free samples. To my dismay, they were pretend. Princess? How dare you father, I am a Costco lady! I am going to have to warn other parents on Halloween not to mistake her for a princess either.
But all this talk about food is making me hungry, of course. We just got back from the diner 2 hours ago. What did we have? "Stuffed mushrooms, soup, french fries, cake,...."

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nick and des said...

acutally nick, the gloves, veil, and shoes are supposed to be a bride costume, but that's ok. it was hysterical when she put those gloves on and said, "who wants some free samples?"