about a dream: the inaugural post

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the inaugural post

well, nick and i have decided to start a family blog. the idea is to write often about the adorable things the kids do, to complain about things (like the viagra commercial playing on TV as i type), and other such blogginess.

we will take turns typing. you'll know it's me (desiree) because i don't use the caps key (why? it's a mystery. a hook, if you will, to draw in readers). also, i use exclamation points. a lot!

i'll get right to it with a little story about nina. she's in preschool now, and comes home singing new songs just about every day. last week she started singing
row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
your life is about a dream.

and that's why i've decided to name our blog about a dream.

so, enjoy!


Leigh said...

1. this is my favorite blog in the history of EVER.

2. "about a dream" is the far better lyric for that song. i am going to teach it to my (non-existant) kids that way.

3. i <3 my nina! and my maggie, whom, even though i haven't met her, is totally mine. totally. 100%.

4. i <3 my des and nick even more! much love to you all, and i will be reading daily!

nick and des said...

leigh you are too sweet! have i sent you pics of maggie lately? she has a fuzzy head, it's too cute. :-)