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Thursday, October 16, 2008

oma comes to visit

oma is here (that's anne, nick's mom, for those of you outside the immediate family circle). she came bearing gifts for the girls (as usual) and chocolate and coffee (as usual) and cheese (not usual). the cheese is called geheimratskase, which translates to "secret agent cheese" (says nick), but nina calls it austria cheese. nina really likes cheese, it makes up about 40% of her diet. she's only 3, but she can tell her colby jack from her monterey jack. no big surprise, nina loves austria cheese.
nina is also learning about the days of the week and the months in preschool. (check out that link insertion. sweet!). i think she's getting a better concept of time because of this. or not. either way, she keeps asking when oma is going to leave, is oma leaving, is oma going to be here in the morning, and we keep explaining that she'll be here for a looooooooong time (2 weeks). yesterday at lunch we had the following exchange:
nina: is oma leaving?
me: no, oma is staying for a long time. she's staying monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday. that's a long time!
nina: when she leaves, will she take the austria cheese with her?


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