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Saturday, January 31, 2015

More snow. Yay.

Well, Friday was another snow day. With more snow. And wind. This time, mother nature mixed things up a bit by giving us snow, then rain, then snow again. That was a fun change of pace.

It does look pretty, though:

Poor tree. All weighed down with snow. Snow that it loves to drop on me when I walk by!

Trampoline. Snow-poline.
Guess how many shovelfuls it takes to clear the trampoline? 100. More than I'd thought!

Honestly, I don't even know how much extra fell. Something in the 6-8 inch ballpark I think. Boy, I hope that's all. Wait, what's that you say? There's something in the forecast? Let's take a look!

My favorite part of this map is that most of the mid-coast is in the 6 to 10 inch blue swath. Oh, but what's that one teeny little tip of that peninsula that's purple and 10+ inches? OH IT'S US! YAY!

There's good news though. Someone lost tooth number two!

Eek! She's so funny, she doesn't like the tooth fairy to take her teeth, so we leave the teeth in a plastic bag and write a note for the tooth fairy asking her to not take the tooth. And she doesn't! She left Maggie a very nice note and some chocolate coins!

So with all of these snow days (3 last week remember. At this rate, we'll be in school until July), the girls have been painting a lot. They've done some awesome ones. Look!

Maggie did this. It's a cat with a bandanna around its neck.

This is by Nina. She's burnin' up!
Well, we're enjoying our 3-day weekend. Nina's doing a sleepover at her friend Grace's house, and Maggie's BFF (and Grace's sister, how convenient) is over at our house for an almost-sleepover playdate. I must say, I don't mind a 3-day weekend! Just so long as it doesn't become a 4-day weekend!

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