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Saturday, January 24, 2015


No, we're not in Hawaii. I wish!

But Nick and the girls got close to it at last night's Daddy Daughter Dance! It's an annual dance held by the library group CLICK (I don't know what that's acronymical for), but boy is it a good time. Here are my beauties, all ready to go...

First, Maggie's hair:

And Maggie from the front:

That gorgeous bun from the back again. So Hawaiian!!

Nina's hair, also Hawaiian:

And my beautiful Nina all dolled up:

They had so much fun! First it was dinner at the House of Pizza, which was "awesome" and "fine," and where they were each treated to their own Orangina (favorite soda!). Apparently there was so much food at the dance (including pizza) that they could have skipped dinner out, but dinner's part of the night out experience.

Then they danced the night away at the Opera House. Such a fun tradition!

Mom and Dad and I went to our own dinner at the Watershed Tavern, then I did a luxurious solo shopping trip at Hannaford and watched My 600-lb Life. Good times all around!

Poor me was sick (you're shocked, I know. Me? Sick??! Unbelievable!). Fortunately it was finals week, so it was easy for me to leave a stack of tests for the sub and just stay home. I have a lot of grading to catch up on this weekend, but I'm feeling much better. Just a head cold, but it's lingering and I'm starting to cough a bit, but mostly on the way out.

Moxie was so cute when I was sick. I just mostly sleep when I'm sick, so he laid beside the bed the whole time. Once I went downstairs and he followed me down, and Nick asked him if he wanted to go out. He came over to me, stood right next to me, and looked at me with this look that said, "Only if you'll be ok without me Mommy!" It was adorable!

Now the first flakes of today's snow are falling. Excitement!!


Oma said...

The girls are absolutely gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

So lovely! Looks like fun!