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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mid winter fun

Knock on wood, but this hasn't been an awful winter! Today's super cold (just below zero overnight, mid-teens forecast for the high), but it's bright and sunny, and tomorrow's supposed to warm up.

You might remember from the year-in-review post that both girls were looking forward to the field trip to go see Paddington. Well, poor little Nina got sick and couldn't go! It started with a bellyache and runny nose, and progressed to a big fever overnight. She felt nauseous and miserable in the morning, and just couldn't do it.

Maggie was up half the night on Thursday night too, but not from being sick. She'd just woken up at 2 am and was so excited about the movie, she couldn't fall back asleep. We were up until 4!

Paddington was great, she says. Then she came over to my classroom after school and made Nina this beautiful card

Get better soon it says. Note that the Os in "soon" are hearts. Aww!

This is the back. It shows Nina lying in bed with Marley at her feet on the bed and Moxie on the floor next to her (you can tell Moxie from Marley by the curled tail). This is how the dogs were all day--right by her side looking out for their precious sister.

This was inside. The left-hand side says "Is this how you're feeling?" above a sad-face picture with a thermometer in its mouth. On the right it says, "I hope you're feeling like this" with a happy face. So cute!

Nina's feeling much better today, thank goodness!

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