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Friday, April 18, 2014

Maggie Mouse in Peter Rabbit!!

Adorableness. Maggie's class put on a performance of Peter Rabbit today. I couldn't go, because I had my kids at the animal shelter for dog walking and cat cuddling during community service day. But I got to go yesterday with two of my students for the dress rehearsal.


Here's a pic one of my students took:

She's the one on the left with the bean in her mouth!
Maggie still doesn't speak at school, but she got the perfect role: a mouse who can't answer Peter Rabbit's question because she's either "too shy or too polite to talk with a bean in her mouth." Ha!

The four little guys next to her are birds.

You may recall that Nina once acted in the same play. Ahh, how time flies... take a trip down memory lane here.

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