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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An art post

Frozen-themed, of course!

The girls drew these yesterday and today, and they're so good I have to share. First, Nina's:

 We've got Anna and Elsa, Olaf (the snowman) and Sven (the reindeer. Nina thinks it's spelled and pronounced "Schvenn," which is adorable), and Christophe and Hans (Who is this Hans? Lol! Inside Frozen joke!!)

And next, Maggie's:

It says "No Olaf" at the top, in reference to the fact that he's not allowed to swim, as pictured in the top left drawing (because he's a snowman of course!). The top right reads "Olaf lix worm hu9s," which she spelled ALL BY HERSELF and says "Olaf likes warm hugs." Below that is him melting in the sun, him melting in some water, him being impaled, him "with a drink in his hand, his snow up against the burning sand (probably getting gorgeously tanned!) in summer," and finally, Olaf exclaiming "60!" and running off to find Anna after she told him to wait for a minute.

These actually aren't examples of Maggie being morbid, these are just scenes from the movie. I guess you have to see it to understand.... here, watch this:

Ha ha!

And for good measure, one photo of me with the boys. They just miss me so much when I'm gone all day!

90-lb lap dogs, that's our boys...

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