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Friday, April 25, 2014

April Vacation!

It's finally here and it is just flying by! Here's a quick week in review:

Friday was our last day of school. Maggie performed Peter Rabbit with her class, but I couldn't see it because I was at the animal shelter with my homeroom kids for Community Service day. That's ok, I saw the dress rehearsal, and the community service was really fun. We played with cats and walked dogs.

On Friday night we packed for New York and on Saturday morning we hit the road bright and early. We were at Erik's by 11 and back on the road again at 1 or so. The trip was a breeze! Barely any traffic, the girls were incredible, and we were at Peter's place just after 6 pm.

Sunday we drove over to Howard Beach for Easter Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa bright and early. We had lunch and dinner with them and just a wonderful visit.

Monday we met up with my old boss Tom from Kaplan and his daughter Ivy, and took a walk through Prospect Park. Fortunately, he took some pictures, and these are practically the only ones we have from the whole trip!

On not just any log, but THE log...

Nina in her muddin' boots. Turns out it's not mud season in NY though!

Maggie, also unnecessarily in mudders... how soon I forget.

That LOG again!
The first and last photos were taken at this pseudo-natural playground in Prospect Park. It was there that I got the fateful thing in my eye and scratched my cornea in 2 places. Ouch. Seriously, the most painful thing that's happened to me in I don't know how long.

The rest of Monday was shot with a trip to urgent care. I pretty much couldn't see until Tuesday afternoon, it was just ridiculous. Fortunately Peter was still in NYC and came home early on Monday because I couldn't cook or even order takeout for the girls.

Tuesday I had to see an ophthalmologist. The doctors at the urgent care clinic made me promise I'd go within 24 hours because one of the cuts was so deep and close to my pupil, and apparently weird looking, so they weren't 100% sure nothing was still in there. It was fine though, and we used the rest of the day to check out the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The girls LOVED it. The Japanese ornamental cherries were in bloom and we spent a lot of time in the Japanese garden looking at those and the koi in the pond. The magnolia trees were also in full bloom, as was a field of daffodils. Just lovely.

On Wednesday we trekked into Manhattan for a day at the Museum of Natural History. Highlight of the trip! The girls absolutely loved the ocean room with the blue whale suspended from the ceiling, the human evolution room, the gems (and especially seeing their birthstones and the giant meteorite), and of course, the dinosaur bones.

THEN we packed up, had dinner back in Howard Beach with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Henry, Aunt Marilyn, Yvonne and Renee, then hit the road and made it as far as Vernon Connecticut before getting a hotel room and crashing for the night.

Thursday morning we hit the road bright and early again, got to hang out with Erik and Isabelle for a while, and were home by 3:15.

WHEW! What a whirlwind!!

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