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Saturday, July 4, 2009

update ramblings

maggie is still awake! this child all of a sudden doesn't want to sleep any more. she doesn't want to nap--fine, don't nap, i'm up anyway. but bedtime is really non-negotiable. well, apparently it is negotiable, because it's 8:30 and her majesty is still awake.

nina is out at least. she has been a little wild these last few days, i miss preschool. that really tuckered her out and took the edge off. i think it was a little too much for her, she'd often be tired in the mornings and in the afternoons after school, but if there was an in-between that'd be nice. i'm sure it's just all the rain we've had, being cooped up inside too much... the sun finally came out today and things were much more normal. oh, she gave herself a haircut earlier in the week, kind of long bangs. it looks like she had bangs a few months ago and now she's growing them out. at least she cut her own hair and not maggie's. she didn't hurt herself either, whew.

the house is almost done. we have some things to take to the thrift store still, and a big old box of stuff for vanessa and micah, and a bookcase in the basement that we're refinishing and going to put in the kitchen, but we're like 95% there. that part is going well. i must say i miss the 40 lb capacity washer in the old building. i'm used to doing laundry once a week, if that. now i do laundry, and three days later i'm doing it again! not good!

i do love finally having a dishwasher though.

ok, i promise to be back on blogging track from now on. part of the problem was that the laptop was getting fixed, and i do all of my blogging on the laptop while maggie is nursing to sleep (which she is finally doing, thank god). but now that i have the laptop back and unpacking isn't priority #1, and i'm not sick anymore, the blog will not be ignored.

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