about a dream: in NY, safe and sound....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

in NY, safe and sound....

we got in to the mascias' at about 10:30 last night. the drive went swimmingly (literally for about 20 minutes there, it poured! but only for a bit, mostly smooth clear sailing).

the girls both slept from maine to massachusetts and entertained each other. lots of laughs and screching with joy. isabelle made us a delicious lasagna for dinner, then we baked cookies! it was a blast. of course chester and the girls were so happy to see each other again.

we left mass. at just before 7 and maggie fell asleep at around 8:45. nina finally fell asleep around 9:45, but she was resting happily before then so it was all good. we slept very well at the mascias', and all 4 girls have been playing all morning. now it's just after 9 and we're about to head to the playground!

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