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Thursday, July 9, 2009

they're here!

vanessa, micah, ethan and bider are here! the girls couldn't be more thrilled. nina is sleeping over at my parents' house because she can't bear to be away from ethan for more than a second, it's too cute.

yesterday we went to the circus, and the opening act was performing dogs. maggie LOVED it. she was screaming with joy. it was adorable. nina was enthralled by the circus until about half way through, then she started to get bored. by the end she kept asking if it was over. then when it finally was, she clapped and cheered with joy... not because she had such a great time (which she did, she loved it), but because it was finally over. it reminded me of erik and isabelle's wedding (amen! is it done?).

maggie is also head over heels in love with bider, vanessa and micah's dog. BA-DA! she keeps yelling. she was chasing after him, clapping her pudgy little hands. it's adorable. he isn't so into the kids though, not like chester. chester can't get enough of them, bider kind of ignores them. but he was pretty excited to be out of the car and in the country, and into checking out the house, so maybe tomorrow he'll be more into them.

erik, isabelle and chester arrive late late tonight, so tomorrow should be something!

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Oma said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start for a fun weekend! Have a great time, and give my love to everybody! (AND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!)