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Friday, August 28, 2015


What a great trip we're having. We had a near-traffic-free drive down, until of course we got into the city at nearly 5 pm. Oh well. The BQE has been re-paved, so that was pleasant. Even though it was rush hour, things moved fairly well. It's pretty much rush hour all the time these days, so it doesn't matter much when we get in.

Yesterday we went to Yvonne's new horse farm in Patchogue (traffic: extensive. Southern State was shut down between exits 33 and 34, so we had to take a detour). But eventually, we got there!

Willow Springs Farm! It's so beautiful! First we ran around, looked at the horses, and took a golf cart tour of the paddocks. Then, pony rides and Yvonne's pony Abby. Here's Maggie:

Doesn't she look great? Yvonne led Abby, but she's a wonderful pony, patient and gentle as can be.

Cousins hanging out while Nina rides. Maggie and Julian immediately hit it off and were like 2 peas in a pod the whole time.

Here's the indoor riding area. Huge!!! Margo's on Abby in the distance, some other people are on the left there. Besides Yvonne and Michele's horses, there are boarders, for a total of 26 horses. Big farm!

Here's Nina. Yvonne loaned her boots because all we packed were flip-flops. She's such a big girl, they practically fit!

Even though the trip over was long and traffic-y, the girls had a great time in the car. Here's Maggie getting her sunblock on. We were roaring!

On the way home, we stopped at Wal-Mart with Jenn and her kids to get a few things. We were back in Brooklyn in time to do this before Pete got home:

Well, it looks even more festive in person.

Even the door guards got dressed up!

So did Bearia!

We made a lemon meringue pie and had an adorable (if short and presentless) little party.

Also, bears!

And bears who are practically teenagers...

...and too cool for bear faces.

Today, Coney Island!

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