about a dream: Happy Birthday Nina!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Nina!

Ten! She's TEN!

Yeah, ok, this is the only photo I took. Bad mommy. But doesn't it look so festive?!

She had 6 girls for a pool party, and with Nina nd Maggie, that made 8. Crazy! They had a blast. Swimming, jumping on the trampoline, playing dress-up, cake, presents... good old fashioned birthday fun.

It's ok, Nick has more photos:

Here she is with her birthday cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting and blue edible glitter (I've started going on Pinterest. That's all I'll say.)

Since mom and dad went down to NYC on Friday, we also celebrated with a birthday lemon meringue pie that evening. The candles have kind of washed out the pie in this pic, but you get the idea:

Finally, we did a birthday dinner out at Kaler's on Friday, her actual birthday. He are us ladies, rocking the sunglasses.

Happy Birthday to my baby!!


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday to the 10 year old! Wow!!
The dress looks very cute on you, Des!

Desiree said...

Thanks Vanessa! I love it!