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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Santa came!!

Last night we set out his snacks and carrots for the "rain"deer (get it? RAIN deer? Because it's been raining nonstop?! Nina came up with that!)

The carrot placards were Nina's idea. Adorable!
You can see the names in this one
Then when we woke up, the carrots were gone, and Santa had written a note! He said thanks for the snacks and coffee we'd left him. You're welcome Santa!

Happiness and Joy!
 Nina was the first up, at just after 6. "It's so dark!" she said. "Maybe the power went off overnight and the clocks reset? Because it can't be 6 in the morning and be this dark."

Good guess, but nope! It's an hour til sunrise and a rainy, stormy day. But that didn't keep us from opening gifts. Even the boys got presents in their stockings!

Dog biscuits! Their favorites!

The insane joy of Christmas morning!

Such a great morning! The girls took nearly two hours to open all of their presents because they wanted to stop and play with everything. I love that! They didn't just tear through from one thing to the next. Such sweeties!

It was a good Christmas for all! I got a lovely pearl bracelet, a beautiful pendant, a pizza cutter, a new whisk, a coupon good for Nina to vacuum the couches for a whole week, and a Christmas ornament!

Nick got new gloves, amazing slippers that are better described as pillows for his feet, and a new phone! I am so proud of the girls for keeping that a secret for 2 weeks, they are Christmas champions!

Next we'll go to church for the community supper, then over to Mom and Dad's for more presents. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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