about a dream: Christmas in Boothbay!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas in Boothbay!

It's finally starting to happen!

We cut down our tree yesterday, not too shabby! This is actually the tree that was growing next to the tree we cut down last year. It's bare-ish on the other side, but that conveniently makes it easier to tuck into a corner. Perfect!

Friday after school was gingerbread house time

I mean, it's from a kit, but we put it together and decorated. It's a holly jolly weekend!

File this one under "dogs who don't realize they're too big to be lap dogs." This boy loves his sisters so much!!

Two more days of school. I'm not so excited about that, but the girls are. Fun days and a Christmas concert planned for them, I'll see if I can get my high school students to do any work. It's gonna be like pulling teeth!

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