about a dream: A new walkway

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A new walkway

But first, hello! It's been a super busy last few months, but hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging now that it's summer vacation.

The school year wrapped up quite well. Nina and Maggie had just fantastic report cards, and I didn't go crazy or quit, what more can you ask for from a teacher? :-)

As soon as school let out, I got started on redoing our walkway. The bricks that formed the landing under the door have been coming loose and falling out for at least a year, and the path itself was pretty weedy and bumpy. Something had to be done. See?

It's not too easy to tell from this photo, but the landing is nothing but a loose pile of bricks and rubble. Under those bricks was a nice, solid cement platform. So after chewing it over for about a year, I decided one of those big, granite slabs was the way to go. And yesterday, it arrived!

That's a huge chunk of granite! And on the left there is Nina's adorable hand. Here's the rest of her:

I'll fill in the dirt there with the pavers on the right, and hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow we'll have a gorgeous new walkway!


Oma said...

Hello Blog! Great to see you again! I really missed you!
(The new walkway, or the beginnings of it, look wonderful!)

Desiree said...

Hello! I missed the blog too! Hopefully no more breaks ever again!