about a dream: Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Guess who visited this morning?? Here's a hint:

The Easter Bunny! He hid 11 eggs (grandpa got to them yesterday). He also left the girls a lovely note explaining that he saw the stash of candy that their aunt, uncle, and grandma had gotten them, so he was going to skip baskets this year. They loved the egg hunt so much they didn't even mind.

Busy busy weekend! Mom's been at Central Maine Med with a gallbladder attack, but fortunately they are holding off on the removal and she'll be home later today. Whew! She was furious that she had to miss 2 days of Joey, but all's well that ends well. Erik and I will cook Easter dinner today, and I think I'll let the girls skip school tomorrow so they can enjoy the day and some extra Joey time in the morning tomorrow. They got report cards on Friday and they were just fantastic, so one special missed day shouldn't be too big a deal.

It snowed yesterday and a bit this morning, but just some flurries, no accumulation. The snow is slowly continuing to melt, and today is supposed to hit 40. Still 10 degrees below normal on most days, but perhaps we're slowly emerging from that pattern. I'd move, but where?

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