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Monday, March 16, 2015

No posts for a while, guess why?


Grr, so annoyed. First Nina got sick--totally miserable, fever up to 104.5, runny nose, sore throat, cough, you name it, she had it. Then Maggie got it. No fever, but a nasty cough. Then I got it. Pretty much like Nina, fever wasn't so high. But I just can't kick it! All 3 of us are still coughing, I'm utterly exhausted, nose is still running, but finally, after a week, the fever appears to be gone (knock on wood). I think I'm even feeling better.

Last weekend was the worst for Nina. Poor kid was just so sick and so miserable. Then what happens? Moxie makes everything even more fun by throwing up in the living room. Twice. Tell me again what need these dogs fulfill?

But knock on wood, we're over the hump. Tomorrow's supposed to be a decent day, too. I mean, snow of course in the morning, but then hopefully it'll change over to rain and hit 40. Highs in the low 20s again on Wednesday, maybe 30 on Thursday. I spent some time today looking for jobs in Texas. Austin sounds nice, don't you think?

One more winter of this and I mean it. I'm leaving.

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